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BF Ships Dress, Diaper Cover and Bonnet (1m-18m)


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Spanish dress set for the summer 
Available in sizes from 0 month to 18 months old, baby

With most Spanish brands, sizes come up small, and we recommend checking our size guide below

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Made in Spain

67% polyester, 33% cotton: 100% cotton woven

Sizes Guide

0-1 month (Dress Length approx.12 inches), (Shoulder width approx. 7inches), (chest width approx 10 inches)
1-3 months (Dress Length approx.12.5  inches), (Shoulder width approx. 7 inches), (chest width approx 10.5 inches)
3-6 months (Dress Length approx. 13.5 inches), (Shoulder width approx. 7.5 inches), (chest width approx.11 Inches)
6-12 months (Dress Length approx. 14.5inches), (Shoulder width approx. 8 inches), (chest width approx. 11.5 Inches)
12-18  months (Dress Length approx. 15 inches), (Shoulder width approx. 8 inches), (chest width approx. 12Inches)

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0-1 month, 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months

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