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DS-Girl Dress and Nappy Cover (0m to 36m)


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Available in sizes from 0 month to 36 months old baby. Please note the dress will not come with the bag.
Please check the sizes below; the Spanish sizes are a little small compared to other manufacturers.

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Made in Spain

Sizes Guide 

 (0-1 month): Dress Length approx. 26cm, Shoulder width approx. 17cm, Chest width approx. 27cm )

 (1-3 months): Dress Length approx. 28cm, Shoulder width approx. 17cm, Chest width approx . 28cm )

 (3-6 months): Dress Length approx. 30cm, Shoulder width approx. 19cm, Chest width approx. 29cm )

 (6-9 months): Dress Length approx. 32cm, Shoulder width approx. 19cm, Chest width approx. 30cm )

 (9-12 months): Dress Length approx. 33 cm, Shoulder width approx. 20cm, Chest width approx. 31cm )

 (12-18 months): Dress Length approx. 35cm, Shoulder width approx.20cm, Chest width approx.32cm )

 (18-24 months): Dress Length approx. 38cm, Shoulder width approx. 21cm, Chest width approx. 33cm )

 (24-36 months): Dress Length approx. 42cm, Shoulder width approx. 22cm, Chest width approx.34cm )


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0-1 month, 1 -3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24months, 24months- 36 months

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